Gifted & Talented Alliance – Family Game Day

The GATA Game day is being merged with the Sunday Family Day during DGM Events

As part of the changes for 2015 to address financial, time commitment and facility issues we are now merging the Gifted & Talented Game Day to the Sunday of the monthly DGM Events effective immediately.

Once a month there is a DGM Game Marathon Event. The Sunday has always been a family day where members and attendees of the DGM event could bring in their family members for no extra charge on Sunday. This is now being extended. Going forward Sunday is a also free for any family that brings their junior high or younger students. This is a family event so it is not intended for the students to be dropped off and the parents leave, so please do not do that.

The Pros of this are the following:
* – There are more people & kids to play games with and to teach new games
* – It frees up a weekend to allow the DGM to be rented out more to assist with increases in operating costs
* – It reduces the amount of time that the DGM volunteers have to be available to open and close the DGM center


Kevin McKenzie