Flea Market Rules

The flea market is open to all attendees of all events of the Dallas Games Marathon. This includes the once a month weekend event as well as all Thursday night events.

The flea market is specifically for table-top games (board, card, role-playing, etc.) and table-top game related items. If the item you want to sell does not fall under these categories then please do not place your item in the flea market.

The flea market is a courtesy provided by the DGM. The DGM committee and volunteers will assist with the transactions between buyers and sellers to the best of their ability but cannot be held liable for any mistakes made in these transactions. This includes incorrect transaction amount, condition/completeness of game at time of transaction, missing items from flea market, etc.


Step #1: Mark game/item for sale with post it note including the following information:

– Name of game/item
– Your name
– Price of game/item
– Condition of game/item if not complete or in good condition.

Step #2: Write the following information on provided envelope and hand to volunteer:

– Your name
– Contact information – email and/or phone number

Place game/item on shelves provided for flea market. Please be courteous of other people’s items on the shelves. Do not hide or damage items that are not yours.

Check on sale of item regularly. If the game/item does not sell after three months the game/item will be removed from the shelves to allow for newer items. These games/items will be stored in a locked room until claimed by the seller. These items can be re-listed at a lower price if the seller so desires.


Please be courteous and careful of the games/items on the shelves.

Give money to volunteer at registration desk or DGM committee member. If one is not readily available then the flea market is temporarily closed until one becomes available. Please do not leave money at registration table if no one is available to help. It is perfectly acceptable to pay the seller directly if they are available.

We accept cash or credit cards (depending on right person being available). Exact change is preferred. if other payments arrangements (Paypal, trade etc…) have been made between the buyer and the seller then the seller must inform us of this. Credit card transactions will cost an additional fee to the buyer. Any transaction up to, and including, $35 will be charged $1. All others will incur a 3% fee.