What is the Dallas Games Marathon?

It is a monthly meeting of people gathering to play board games.

Where does the event happen?

DGM is now located at 930 West Parker Suite 530, Plano TX 75075. Visit the Location Page for maps and directions.

How do I register?

Register online or at the door.

How much does it cost?

Online registration before every event is $20 until midnight of the immediately preceding Wednesday. Registration at the door is $25.
Online payment is done through paypal.  On site registration is by cash, or sometimes by credit card if the rights folks are around.

What do I get for my registration fee?

– Entrance into the event.
– Exclusive access to the board game library for the weekend.
– Free entry into a drawing for one of several games given away every month.
– Monthly game tournament with prizes for winners and sometimes for participants.
– Occasionally we provide demos from game designers and publishers.
– Toys for children on Sunday.
– Free entry for your direct family (spouse and children) on Sunday.

When does the event occur?

It happens every third weekend of the month.  Visit the Dates & Time Page for specific details.

If I roll a 7 can I leave the Robber where he is?

The rules state that you must move the robber to a “numbered” hex.  This also means you can’t move him to the desert, an ocean hex, or a harbor hex.

Is there a schedule of events?

Marketplace / Flea Market
Bring suff to sell, look at stuff to buy!

Generally are run on Saturday from 1 to 8pm. View the tournament page for the details.

Board Game Drawing – 8pm Saturday
Every attendee will receive a ticket, you might win some free games & stuff.

All other gaming is “open” gaming. Getting into a game is generally accomplished in one of two ways. Either find a game about to start and ask to join or find a game and recruit people to play it with you. Either one works well.

How does the Marketplace work?

The DGM Marketplace is available all three days of the event and allows attendees to buy and sell their personal games. To sell a game you must do two things, leave an envelope with your name and contact information at the registration desk and place the games you are selling on the marketplace shelves with a sticky note on each game with your name, the name of the game and the price. To buy a game take the game and the sticky note to registration and pay for the game.

Do I need to bring my own games?

No. We have a large game library that is available for your use all weekend. A list of the games that we have available can be found at the Board Game Geek Website. If you have a favorite game(s) that you want to play you are free to bring it. A large portion of our attendees bring their own games as well so there should always be a large selection available.

Do I need to know how to play games before I come?

No. It is expected that a rules explanation will be needed before every game.

How do I keep up with the latest information?

For event reminders and announcements
Become a fan on Facebook
DGM attendee email signup

What is the food policy at DGM?

Outside food, drinks and snacks can be brought in to the DGM location. We ask that you clean up after yourselves since we have not found a maid service that is willing to work for free. No Alcohol or Smoking is permitted at the DGM Location. When playing someone’s game it is the owner who gets to decide the rules about food/drink and their game. For the DGM Library games we ask that you try to keep them in good shape by keeping your hands clean and not washing them with a large gatorade etc…

Who is Tim?

Good question. You’ll find out when you meet him.