Next DGM: January 20th – 22nd 2017

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DGM Monthly Event Hours of Operation:

Friday: 6pm ’til 2am (or later**)
Saturday: 10am ’til 2am (or later**)
Sunday: Noon ’til 6pm (or later**)

* Sunday is family day so each registered attendee can bring in the entire family to play.

** if a key holder is willing to stay later

Weekly Thursday Night Gaming

Every Thursday* (6pm-12am)

Free - Members
$5 - Non-Members

*Except for the Thursdays during BGG Con and Thanksgiving

Weekly Thursday Night Gaming Hours:

Thursday: 6pm ’til 12am

DFW Nerd Nights @ the DGM

Every Friday before the 2nd Saturday of the Month
Except November and/or December when it will be before the 1st Saturday to avoid conflict with BGG Con and the Holidays

DFW Nerd Night is founded on the principle of Play Games and Help People! They have raised lots of money over the past year for charities while providing a great environment for some awesome board game playing! The Dallas Games Marathon will be hosting a Friday DFW Nerd Night event once a month. This is a free event with a suggested donation to the charity currently being sponsored by the DFW Nerd Night group. There will be no admission fees and both DGM Members and Non members are all invited!

Check them out at: DFW Nerd Night

Yearly DGM Membership

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Walk In Prices

Thursday Night Gaming – Free for Members / $5 for Non Members
DGM Weekend Event – Free for Members / $20 Walk In for all three days / $15 Pre-Register online for all three days
DGM Weekend Event – Daily Walk In Prices
- Friday Only $10
- Saturday Only $15
- Sunday Only $5

Note: Sunday is also the Family day so members and folks that have bought a 3 day pass can bring in additional family members at no charge. In addition entry is free to families with Junior High or younger children in attendance.

November DGM Library Donations!!!!

Before BGG Con we received shipments of games for the library from the following wonderful publishers:

Atlas Games
Beer Money
Fairytale Gloom
Lost in R’lyeh
Munchkin Gloom
Ren Faire
Three Cheers for Master

Goliath Games
Shit Happens

WinGo Industry Ltd
Bigfootses, The Card Game
Captains of the Golden Age
Creature College
Dino Dude Ranch
Get Adler
God Hates Charades
Grab The Mike
Mighty Crystals
Million Club
Steam Court
Temp Worker Assasins

A number of publishers donated to the DGM Library at BGG COn!!!!!

APE Games
The Great Dinosaur Rush

Academy Games
1775: Rebellion
Fief Buildings
Fief: France 1429
Fief: France 1429 – Expansion Pack
Mare Nostrum: Atlas
Mare Nostrum: Empires

Alderac Entertainment Group
Dice City: Crossroads
Dice Heist
Fantahzee: Hordes & Heroes
Smash Up: Cease and Desist
Smash Up: It’s Your Fault!
Treasure Lair

Bezier Games

Cool Mini Or Not
Potion Explosion

Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game
Internal Affairs
Mad Science Foundation
Rick and Morty

Barcelona: The Rose of Fire
Checkpoint Charlie
Dragons & Chickens
Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft

Eagle-Gryphon Games
Wombat Rescue

Formal Ferret Games
The Networks

Game Salute
Black Orchestra

Indie Boards & Cards
Aeon’s End

Knight Works, LLC
Forged In Steel
Hands in the Sea

Level 99 Games
Argent: Mancers of the University

Mayday Games
Dungeon Busters

Mr. B Games
Liars Dice
Spurs : Legends Expansion

Portal Games
Cry Havoc

Queen Games
Risky Adventure

Quick Simple Fun Games

R&R Games
Coin Quest
Hashtag Me
Ultimate Showdown

Red Raven Games
City of Iron: Second Edition
Dingo’s Dreams

Renegade Game Studios
Brick Party
World’s Fair 1893

Sagacity Games
Freya’s Folly

Stone Blade Entertainment
`Ascension X: War of Shadows

Stronghold Games
The Fog of War

Terra Nova Games
Far Space Foundry
Trick of the Rails

Wattsapoag Games
Jet Set: Jumbo Jets – Expansion Set 2

Blank White Dice
Burke’s Gambit
Dice Stars
Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard
Star Trek: Frontiers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters

Check out their games in the DGM Library. A Huge thank you to all the publishers that support the DGM!!!!!

DGM Volunteers

The DGM would not be able to operate without volunteer effort. There are many ways you can help out at the DGM. Those who wish to get behind the scenes can take a staff position. Those willing to be responsible for opening up and closing up the facility can become a Key Holder. Also you can help out by staffing the desk during the monthly events. Or you can help out by taking a stocking shift and help keep the DGM stocked up with snacks, drinks and other essentials and take out the trash as needed. If we get enough help then each person will not have that much to do. If we do not get enough help then things will quickly fall apart.

We use Signup Genius for the volunteer coordination.

Monthly DGM Event Volunteer Benefits

Non-Members – Work 3 shifts and receive Free Entry

Members – Work 3 shifts and receive a DGM pass

Everyone – receive an additional DGM Pass for every additional 2 sifts

Monthly Volunteer Signup Thursday Keyholder Signup Monthly Event Keyholder Signup

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